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This policy outlines the guidelines for capturing and utilizing photographs and video recordings within the academy premises.

  • Purpose of Capture 

Photographs and video recordings may be taken during dance classes, rehearsals, events, and performances for promotional, educational, and archival purposes related to MAMAKEISH

  • Consent and Notification

Participation in our classes or events implies consent for your image and likeness to be captured in photographs and videos. We respect your individual preferences; if you have reservations about being photographed or recorded, kindly notify us in advance.

  • Media Usage

Captured media may be used on our official website, social media channels, promotional materials, and within the academy for educational purposes. Our intent is to celebrate the accomplishments and talents of our participants.

  • Consideration for Others

We would like to stress that once the recording is done, it affects not only you but also impacts other students' ability to view their videos. Additionally, the process of capturing and utilizing these visuals involves significant efforts. Therefore, we kindly request that if you choose not to be recorded, you inform us in advance to prevent any disruptions later. If filming has already taken place due to the absence of prior communication, we'll consider it as agreeing to the recording.

  • Personal Video Sharing

For privacy reasons and to maintain the integrity of each participant's personal space, we do NOT sending videos to individuals.

  • Review and Upload Process 

All recorded videos are subject to a review and editing process. This ensures the quality, accuracy, and appropriateness of the content before it is considered for online upload.

While we strive to deliver high-quality content, technical issues or unforeseen concerns may arise during the review and editing process. In such cases, we reserve the right to withhold the online upload of videos until these issues are addressed.

Please note that we do NOT provide personal sharing of the videos under any circumstances.

Your participation contributes significantly to the vibrancy of our dance community, and we look forward to creating many more cherished moments together.

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