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2023-2024 Registration Postponed
Classes: Classes

Most of our classes are divided into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, which can also sometimes overlap.

Please note that these guidelines are provided to help you understand the level division, but they may vary depending on the individual's progress and skill.

The classes other than the yearly regular ones, such as monthly and one-day classes, do not have age restrictions.

However, because there are no age limitations, the level requirements are very strict.

Registering for a class without considering your skill level could potentially make the lessons challenging for you and might also disrupt the overall class progress.

Therefore, if you are uncertain about your level, we strongly recommend that first-time students enroll in the beginner's class.

In case even that choice is not certain, for kids, we advise registering for kids' classes, and for adults, enrolling in adult classes.

This tailored approach will ensure a more suitable learning experience.

Please note that enrolling in a class that doesn't align with your level, does not qualify as a valid reason for a refund or credit.

Level Guidelines

Beginner/Beginner (Beg/Beg):

This level is suitable for those with no experience up to 1 year of experience in choreography classes.

Beginner/Intermediate (Beg/Int):

If you have 1 to 2 years of consistent attendance in choreography classes, this level might be a good fit.

Intermediate/Advanced (Int/Adv):

For individuals who have been regularly attending choreography classes for 2 to 5 years, this level offers more challenging content.

Advanced/Advanced (Adv/Adv): This level is designed for those with over 5 years of consistent attendance in choreography classes, providing a high level of complexity and refinement.

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